Is your organization taking full advantage of your Collective Knowledge?

Our AI-Powered Search Engine exposes your Knowledge Management Content to the right people at the right time.

Boost your KM ROI

Let your content reach the employees in context.

Most organizations have a huge amount of Collective Intelligence, but unfortunately is not exploited properly.
People tend to search in the internet instead of searching in the intranet.

With Collokia Context, you don’t need to change their habits, users may continue searching outside, but relevant internal content will be shown to them.

Right in the context of their everyday tools

Collokia agents integrate with the tools that your knowledge workers already use and serve as co-pilot, connecting them with information, resources or people when they need help.

Integrate your current knowledge management system with Collokia

We can smoothtly integrate our products to your knowledge management system, authentication
or any other enterprise solutions that currently runs in your organization.

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Peers with similar

Collaboration is crucial to improve creativity and productivity, the problem is how do you know with who to collaborate? who else is interested in the same subjects?

Collokia's AI-Powered Serendipity connects employees with similar interests fostering Collaboration.